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Magic Tricks



Okay so there's no magic behind successful fundraising.  But there is skill, time, knowledge, and experience; something we have in abundance.  So whether you need hundreds, thousands, or millions, to make your project a reality, we can help.


Our services are as unique and bespoke as your project.


From the simple to the complex and everything in between.  We know how to present your project and tell your story to secure the funding you need.


We specialise in fundraising for schools and we are passionate about helping schools access the opportunities that exist.  And because we work on commission there really is nothing to lose and everything to gain!


We match your project with local organisations that have a commitment to donating resources, expertise, and time to the community.  A perfect way to realise all or part of your vision.


From facilitation of an idea, to writing the final bid, we help you every step of the way to create collaborative high impact projects.

Liquid Drop

How We Work

it's all about the impact

Having a clear understanding of the impact that your project will make, or the so what factor, not only makes for better projects, it's also vital for fundraising success.  We support all our clients to create a clear purpose for their project - understanding and putting into words what will really change as a result.  This is the lynchpin piece to any successful fundraising strategy.

We then work with you to get bid ready.  Evidencing that there is a need for your project, and that it is feasible, are two crucial parts of getting bid ready.  And if getting bid ready costs money, for example because you need architectural plans or planning permission, then we can help you source development funding to make this happen.

With all the ground work in place it's time to map out a fundraising strategy and start securing what's needed.  We work with you to agree a strategy that works for your organisation, and drive that forward to success.

And if you still need us once we have helped you get the money you need, we are right here to manage your project through implementation and completion!

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