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A Lake District for Everyone: Blurring the boundaries

Earlier this year we were commissioned by the Lake District National Park Partnership to identify actions that would increase their visitor diversity. The results of our research and report have now been fed into the consultation on the Partnership Management Plan which is out for public consultation and can be found here.

Our high level recommendations based to address the challenge faced

  • Recommendation 1: Re-define engagement success and blur the boundaries of the Lake District National Park, for example through outreach activities.

  • Recommendation 2: Create Outdoor Provider Partnerships

  • Recommendation 3: Change Organisational Representation

  • Recommendation 4: Develop a ‘Warm Welcome’ certificated training scheme

  • Recommendation 5: Ensure Rangers and visitor facing staff and volunteers have an education focus

  • Recommendation 6: Put user voice at the heart of developing and sharing information

  • Recommendation 7: Create new formal engagement pathways

Read the full Lake District for Everyone consultation and background information, including more detail on the above recommendations, here.

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